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Three Questions (for Jody)

Posted by John Kirnan on December 16th, 2019

Last year, I unexpectedly lost one of my closest friends. I once said to her that I thought that life might be just a dream. She said, “Yeah, but it’s a beautiful dream.” I agreed. I think we both always felt that, despite whatever happens, life is a wonderful, Magical adventure. And she led a Magical life. We all can, but I think that whenever anyone came in contact with Jody, some of that special Jody Magic rubbed off and you got to take a little home with you.

In this universe, in this thing that we live in, this Oneness, Source, God, whatever you want to call it, if there’s any kindness, fairness, or goodness in that, and I think there is, then anyone who knew Jody Trevail will get to meet up with her again someday. It’s only right and fair.

I dreamt of Jody recently, which rarely happens, and I’m not actually sure that I would define it as just a dream. There was an unusual feel to it. And she knew that I dream a lot, all night long. It seems so right that she would say, on coming up to me, “I knew I’d find you here in....” I don’t remember how she finished that sentence or what else was said, if anything, after that. That’s also unusual for me, but it felt right, in the song, to end the line with “the Light.”

The lyrics are below. You can download the song there too. It’s called, “Three Questions,” and those questions are the ones I’ve been so focused on since she left.

Someday, I’m going to write a piece about our friendship, probably sounding like Trippy Jack. That’s Jody's name for me when the writing in my letters to her took what I would call a poetic turn. I hope that what I’ll write for her will be something that she’ll like and that it will be the best thing I’ve ever done or ever will do. A last gift to my soul friend. Till we meet again.

Three Questions (for Jody)

I'll wait for the night
You'll come to me,
A kind, gentle ghost,
I'd like to see.

You were such a soul
Friend to me.
Now I can't let you go
Or let it be.

Do you still exist?
Are you OK?
And will we meet again one day?

I think I met you
In a dream last night.
You said you knew you'd find me
In the Light.

You might have told me
That there's no need to fear,
But I woke up too soon.
I'm stranded here.

Do I still exist?
Am I OK?
And will we meet again one day?

Your face was hidden
But I saw right through,
For all you were in life
Came shining through.

And there was something else,
Pure power too,
A kind of glowing
From what you now knew.

Do we still exist?
Are we OK?
And will we meet again one day?

To download the mp3 file, Three Questions (for Jody), right-click on the link and select Save Link As.

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