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  1. 21bluethunder says:

    Hey John…really like your site…looking forward to visiting often.

  2. Earl says:

    Hello John

    I have been checking out your site here,very nice and you have done hours of long hard work.
    Keep up the excellent stories and poetry.

    Earl Wright

    • John Kirnan says:

      Thanks, Earl.

      And thanks also to everyone else who’s taken the time to comment on my work or this site. I know I’ve spoken of this in the newsletter, but I may not have here. Whether in person, by phone, email, or the website itself, it always means so much to me when someone sends some feedback my way. One of the main reasons for this site is to communicate what I feel to a wider audience in the hope that it might help someone in some way. If something I’ve written or composed seems to have had a positive effect, it makes me feel that continuing with this project is worthwhile. So thanks, folks.


  3. Sharon Wise says:

    Looking forward to working on Nomad with you and Louis!

    • John Kirnan says:

      We’re looking forward to working with you too! Thanks for helping out with this project. (For anyone who doesn’t know about this, Sharon’s going to be dancing in our video of Nomad. If everything goes well, we should be filming it in September.)

  4. Shirley Kirnan Arthur says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t think we have ever met, but my dad Jimmy and your dad were brothers. I was just browsing and found your site. Just wanted to say hello cousin.

    • John Kirnan says:

      Hi Shirley,

      I just saw your comment today. Hello cousin! I was just looking at old photos of you recently! I guess I was too young at the time for me to remember those days now, but my family has spoken of you many times. So cool to rediscover someone this way.


  5. Gary Murphy says:

    Hi John,

    Another cousin here (your Aunt Agnes’ son). Haven’t seen you since your Hemmingford days. I hope to get over your way some time in the not too distant future. Hi to all your mom and the rest of the gang for me.


    • John Kirnan says:

      Hi Gary,

      Another long lost cousin. Cool! I was talking to your mother just a few weeks ago. It would be great to see you again. Hope you can make it.


  6. Kenny Stirling says:

    Yet another Cousin, from across the pond in the Auld Country, Kenny (Your Aunt Sadie/Uncle Alex’s son from Gourock)
    Hey Jack ! Great to hear your toons, cuz !
    You crossed my mind recently when I was buying some model railway stuff for my wee fella Ruaraidh at an auction…it was exactly the same Blue and yellow transcontinental express that you brought over to Scotland for me when I was a wee kiddie !
    Like stepping into a time warp ! I think I was more enthusiastic about playing with his train setup than he was ….
    The family’s branching out East now, to the Balkans, must be the ole MacGillivray gene that’s causing all the travelling, eh ?
    Great to see you’re still turning out some great sounds, really enjoyed listening to Green to Gold.
    Maybe sometime I’ll get round to dragging the Balkan clan over by to say hi

    Slainte !


    • John Kirnan says:

      Hi Kenny,

      Great to hear from you again! It brought back a lot of memories of summers in Scotland and hanging out with you, Ronnie, and Henry’s band. I’m thinking that must’ve been the summer of ’79. Whoa! Could it really be that long ago that I was in Gourock? I always think of it as my second home. Thanks for dropping by and the kind words about my tunes. If you ever do get over here, you must come see us.

      Take it easy.

      • Kenny Stirling says:

        Well Jackie, time marches on , we’re all so far out of touch in this chaotic world, but hey ! It is what it is, so what else can family, however far apart say, but “hi, isn’t it just grand to get in touch once in a while ?”
        That wee thought reminds me of guys like James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot..who I have really fond long time ago memories of you introducing me to…still remember you in Sadie’s house playing “Alice’s’ Restaurant”
        What a blast that was !
        Hope all is just grand with you and the family, !
        Keep those tunes a-coming, cus …you were my first big musical influence, old fella (was gonna say “boy” but we’re kinda old now to be callin’ anybody “boy” these days !)
        Wee Henry is still out there doing it, will let him know that you still remember him ( he was the only dude that ever played any Steely Dan tune better than Steely Dan ever did, eh ?)
        Just off the phone to big Chic McSorley….remember him, big guy, heavy growth on his chin, Irish connection with Rory Gallagher the awesome blues player ? Well we shot some shit about way past times about your last visit to Gourock, so Chic says hi to ya too !

        Have a belter of a Christmas, Jackie…best wishes to you and yours

        • John Kirnan says:

          Hi Kenny,

          Sorry it’s taken so long for me to post this and reply. It’s been a crazy-making year, or two. I’ll try to keep on top of things a bit more in the future. It might help if I had a computer. Soon.

          Yes, it is grand. And it was really great to talk to you the other night. We should do that more often. Gave me some good stories to tell the folks too. Maybe if… no, I’ll say when I finally make it back to Scotland, we can live a few new stories. And when you make it over here. you’ll definitely have to look me up.

          Say hello to everyone for me. I’d say Merry Christmas to you and yours too, but I seem to be a little late with that particular wish. So how about –

          Merry Life and a Happy Great Year!


  7. Cory says:

    Thank you so much Doc Poetry for this song about Jody.
    Much love

  8. Kenny Stirling says:

    Bliadhna Mh’ath Ur, (Happy New Year) Jackie !

    Lost your number, my old phone died the death of a thousand volts I think…bit of a storm over here in West Scotland…”so, what’s new, It’s always bloody wet over there”, they’re a-shouting !
    In defense of our bit-more-moist-than-yer-average-duck-pond climate, all I can say is that if it wasn’t so wet, it wouldn’t be so green….at least, that’s what we tell the sun-kissed tourists from more arid parts of the world.
    Drop me an email, would be grand to get in touch this year
    All the best

    Slainte Mhath Mor Cusainn !


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