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Finally Free – from “Black Moon”

Posted by John Kirnan on June 12th, 2016

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This one's another instrumental from "Black Moon." There are only one or two more to post and then I'll gather them all together into a downloadable album with all the usual content. I hope to release "Black Moon" sometime this summer.

A while back, I sat down with my guitar and said, "I'm going to compose a piece called Finally Free." I felt that creating the music might actually create freedom as well. And if it turned out the way I hoped, the very least it would do would be to remind me of the possibility of freedom whenever I played or listened to it.

Freedom from what? What would you like to be free of? What's your concept of freedom? The reason I'm asking is that, in a way, although this is an instrumental, it's the kind of piece that could be included in another album I'm working on. It's called "Spell Songs." Spell songs are my name for music that's created with the specific intention of helping people with their problems, something they can listen to or sing along with to help bring positive change into their lives. I'm going to be posting some spell songs in the future. In the meantime, I hope Finally Free brings you light and lightness. It always does that for me.





To download the "Black Moon" album, visit the Black Moon album page.

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