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This site is about music and creative writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, songs, workshops, etc.), including downloads. I needed to mention that right away because the Google search spiders need to be fed that info as quickly as possible and far be it from me to keep them waiting for their supper.

Before going into more detail about this site, I must say that I quite like spiders, though their line of work is rather strange. It would seem to be pushing one's luck to darken the reputation of the spider folk when trying to run a website. I need all the help I can get. So let's forget for the moment that their amazing artwork has anything to do with trapping the unwary and just appreciate their relentless determination to express their creativity no matter what. Actually, having a “relentless determination to express their creativity no matter what” sounds pretty much like any poet I ever met, or any artist, for that matter. (More on that later. There's a poem or a blog post in there somewhere.) OK, now that that's out of the way, on to a proper welcome.

Whether you've been directed here by some kind person (kind to me, and perhaps to you), or you've managed to traverse a high-wire web search without falling into the waiting clutches of frustration, in fact, however you happen to have made it to my door, I plan to make your stay as pleasant as possible. So come on in and check the place out.

I try to add content regularly. Some of my blog posts are short stories. There are sample poems from my book, "The Hard Won Hush," sample songs from my albums, "Out of the Blue" and "Green to Gold," and videos to sample the music from "Black Moon," an instrumental album. The complete book and albums are also available to download on their own pages. "Lost Tracks" are tunes that never made it to an album.

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Hope you enjoy the site! If you do, please spread the word. If you want to contact me personally, please do.