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Lost Tracks 6 – “New Day”

Well, I wouldn’t call this a gem, but here’s another small stone from my odd little rock collection of musical memories that I’m calling “Lost Tracks.” Like the others, one day, we may get it all polished up […]

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Lost Tracks 5 – “Sandstorm Radio”

Unlike the previous Lost Track, this one is definitely not an acoustic guitar piece. Another way it differs from “Shadows in the Woodlands” is that, rather than being quite short, it’s thirteen minutes long. A mini album, you might say. So you’re really getting your money’s worth with this one. Of course, all Lost Tracks are free, so I guess that means it ain’t worth nothin’. Forget I said that.

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Lost Tracks 4 – “Shadows in the Woodlands”

This little tune is quite different from the previous Lost Tracks. In this one, I switch off the electricity and pick up an acoustic guitar while Louis switches from rhythm to fingerstyle. Also, the piece sounds like it’s something that might have been written hundreds of years ago rather than in the last few […]

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Lost Tracks 3 – “Solo Flight”

I think I’d like to do more with this music someday. In the meantime, I see no reason not to post it as is. This is the “Lost Tracks” section of the site, after all, and anything goes. Also, in some ways, even though it’s only a guitar solo and drums, to me, it somehow […]

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Lost Tracks 2 – “Moonlight”

Whenever I think of this piece of music, I think of the house I grew up in. It had a gallery that ran the width of the front of the house, with tall screens and windows on three sides. One sunny summer day, Louis and I gathered up our guitars and all the gear […]

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Lost Tracks 1 – “Nomad”

When I first started down this road to begin my adventure on the world wide web, I decided that I’d like to have a section called “Lost Tracks” on this site. The title mostly refers to a few cardboard boxes filled with cassettes that contain a lot of unfinished music from way back when. Some […]

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