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A Bus Stop Friday Night

This blog post started out as a letter to a friend about something that happened to me on my way home. Depending on your belief system, I guess you could say that about anything. The letter, somewhere along the way, tried to turn into a prose piece. I let it. Some things walked in out […]

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Scorpio Passing – a sample poem

This is a sample poem from “The Hard Won Hush.” There seems to be something about this little poem. The reaction it gets makes me think that people must relate to it, though it’s not quite what some think it is. Way back, when I began submitting my work to magazines and anthologies, “Scorpio Passing” […]

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Two Souls – a sample poem

This is a sample poem from “The Hard Won Hush.” It’s written in a traditional style. There’s a strict rhyme and rhythm pattern. Basically, my theory is that writing a poem in this way can add an extra, let’s say, Bardic power to the piece. But you have to be exacting with this kind of […]

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There Are Wonders – a sample poem

This is a sample poem from “The Hard Won Hush.” It was written for an evening that celebrated the life of a writer who had just died. Two other poems, “What Hasn’t Been Heard” and “Little Vera,” were also created for that night. I didn’t know Vera or her work. A few weeks before the […]

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The Hard Won Hush

This is a book of poetry. Within its 106 pages, there are 59 poems, some short, some long. Though there are sections that divide the book into basic themes, if I tried to tell you what it’s about, I’d have to tell you 59 stories. Each poem is its own little world. Basically, the book […]

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