Writing and Music by John Kirnan

The Sparrow Stone – Chapter 3

Knolley and Wenna

The others? Speaking of which, and which witch is which, I'd like to introduce to you the best friend a silly wizard ever had, just back from the Elven court, the Love of my Lives, a spellcaster of spellbinding beauty and unearthly skill, The Sorceress - Morwenna!

Oh, stop, you idiot. I'm just a simple witch. Your friend will be expecting great things of me now. Though I might manage a transformation on you if you don't behave. I'll be glad to put these things down. I feel like a packhorse, and probably look like one too. Where's your...? Who were you talking to anyway? And what are you up to with that wand, you silly man? Stop pointing it at me before it goes off. Oh, you want me to talk to it? Hello, wand. Have you had a nice day? You sure it wouldn't rather talk to my broom? I guess this is what happens when I leave you alone for too long. Mad as a Magpie. It's good to be home, a laugh here is worth ten anywhere else.

Not to the wand, through it. You know, for my book.

Oh! I see. This is how you're doing it.

Yes, it's my latest invention. I call it, "The Macrophone." Actually, someone else figured out the original idea. I just adapted it for Time, using the wand and the book. Look, over here, on the table. We speak into the wand and see, the words appear in the book.

Strange. Look! It wrote that down. It's... writing... down... everything... I... say. Oops. Can you erase that? I'll have to watch myself.

If I put my finger on the words I want to erase and speak them into the other end of the wand, it erases them. But I'd rather leave that in, if you don't mind.

Really, why?

I like it, for one, and it's what you really did. I want our friends to see us as we really are. I want to let our Humanness shine through the words.

And for those of us who aren't Human? What shall we do?

Forgive me, M'Lady Elf. Would you possibly consider, in this one instance, doing me the honour of allowing your Elfness to shine through?

I would, Sir.

Thank you.

No, thank you. And someone in another time can read this now, while we're talking?

If they have one of the copies of the book.

And are comfortable with the idea of Time not being quite as linear as they thought. I must admit I always have a hard time with that one. You said copies, is there a multiplication spell involved? No, wait. Is this where that thing you told me about once before..., publishing, comes in?

What a clever woman.

I like to think so.

Actually, I'm not yet sure how it works at the other end. A publisher would seem to make sense for spreading the words around, but is that where they first appear? That's what I'm wondering.

You're trying to confuse me, aren't you?

Just enough for your own good. Well, however it's done, the Powers have given me the feeling that one day I'll know. More importantly, they've also given me the knowledge that nothing is harmed in any way. So, fun?

Yes, big fun. I hope all the readers think so too. Are you feeling what I'm feeling?

It's odd, isn't it? Even across Time, you can sense them. Every reader's Energy, different and yet, somehow, exactly the same. Makes sense, of course.

Working with Energy can be so beautiful sometimes. Where are my manners? Hello, dear friends, and welcome to our home. May the Light within often lead you to our door.

Well said.

I have my moments. Where's Knolley, by the way?

I haven't seen him since I started Chapter 2.

How long ago was that?

Either an hour or a week, I'm not sure.

Now I know you're teasing.

And I knew you'd know. As to his whereabouts, he said he had to work on his freckle collection while the sun was out. Since then, I've heard him "Ahoying" from his tree trunk pirate ship, trying to out howl a dog, then asking it not to chase little animals because it really scares them (lovely to hear, that was), and singing a catchy little tune about falling leaves on his sleeves. All good fun for a seven year old, or me for that matter. I came this close to joining his crew when the ship was boarded, the ringing of swords was quite realistic. Not sure how he managed that. Speaking of spells, I've just had an idea. I'll increase the range of the Macrophone and just set it down on the table. Range Thirty Feet. There. Outside, I can just carry it on my belt.

Just as well. Pointing a wand at someone out there in the world might get some pretty strong reactions.

Mummy! You're home!

And where else would I be? I said I'd be home a week from Soonday and here I am. Ooh, my little mouse man, I love your hugs bestest of all.

He's not so little anymore.

That's alright, I like to be little sometimes. Could I ever learn to be a mouse?

It's altogether possible, if you promise me one thing.

Anything, Pop.

Pop? Where did you hear that?

From the crystal, remember? You know, the moving pictures about the little boy and his dog. When can we get a dog?

A minute ago you wanted to learn to be a mouse.

I still do, but dogs are really funny. The nice ones, I mean. Milo, that's the baker's dog, told me a funny story about a bone he once lost. Well, it wasn't really funny to me, but he thought it was so funny that he couldn't stop laugh-howling. Then I started too. Pretty soon, we were both rolling around on the grass and howling. I wish I had a tongue that long. Anyway, I think we should get a dog.







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