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The Sparrow Stone – Chapter 4

Posted by John Kirnan on October 21st, 2013

John's Journal - page 1


I haven't written much fiction. And what I did write, at least in the past, was mostly just plain hard work. Poetry was always easier for me. Even writing a piece in a traditional style was always easier than prose. I guess I was a bit hung up on the rules, till I threw them away. That and finding that I could combine fiction and verse into one form was the breakthrough for me. Having said that, somehow it still feels like it shouldn't be this easy. This book is almost writing itself. Not that I'm complaining. Long may it last.

I was just wondering, though not seriously, if I could be channelling. I can't say I've ever experienced that. Though sometimes after writing what I thought was a particularly good line, I've said, "Where the heck did that come from?" I'm certainly open to the possibility. I try to keep an open mind and inspiration itself is a weird thing, so who knows.


Funny thing happened today. Saw a guy in the distance looked something like Kiernan. I started to cross the street to get a better look. Thought it might be helpful to see a live version of the character, like a painter with a 3D model. All I'd seen was a guy with a long white beard. No red suit. Too bad, seeing Mr. Claus may have helped me get some hints for creating a wizard, being quite the Magical man himself. Not to mention, he's the only hero I'd still like to meet. I checked the traffic before crossing, but when I looked back to where he'd been, nothing. Probably ducked into some store. I didn't really have time to keep looking for him.






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