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Lost Tracks 6 – “New Day”

Posted by John Kirnan on July 5th, 2014



Well, I wouldn't call this a gem, but here's another small stone from my odd little rock collection of musical memories that I'm calling "Lost Tracks." Like the others, one day, we may get it all polished up and shiny before presenting it to the public in what I once thought was a more presentable form. Thing is though, some of these tune spirits have been quietly dancing around inside their old cardboard box for decades. Seems like it's about time that we let them out to play in the wider world. Also, I want to pass on what's been given. So, here's another Lost Track, rough but ready for the right ears.

It's a happy little tune that, near as I can figure it, was recorded sometime in the early '80s. (I'm not sure why I keep bringing up the years when certain pieces were created, other than that I appear to be a somewhat sequential fellow and, as a storyteller, I tend to place the puzzle pieces of life down in the proper order.)

This track is called "New Day." It has that kind of feel to it. Recently, I asked Louis if he had any sunrise pictures to go with this post and he sent me the one above. Wow, eh?

This latest offering brings the trio back together again. Louis is back on rhythm guitar, I'm back on lead, and from the sound of it, Dr. Rhythm is just back from his triumphant tour of South America. Musically, my favourite part of this song is the rhythm guitar, especially when it drops down and chugs along through those bass chords. But the part that makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it is when, at the end of the piece, Louis says, "Oh, is it taping?" Yes, folks, we may not have been well organized but, looking back, if there's one thing I remember clearly, it's that we certainly always had a lot of fun.


"New Day"

Written by John Kirnan and Louis Riel
Drums – the incomparable Dr. Rhythm
Acoustic rhythm guitar – Louis Riel
Lead electric guitar – John Kirnan

To check out the sixth Lost Tracks song, right-click on this link and select Save Link As to download the mp3 file: New Day

2 Comments to Lost Tracks 6 – “New Day”

  1. BK Williamson says:

    This is a soul stirring tune John!! I absolutely LOVE your guitar playing here. Brought a smile to my face, thanks so much,

    • John Kirnan says:

      Thanks, Bryan! It really means a lot to me that you got something out of it. I was hesitant, at first, to publish unfinished pieces (Lost Tracks), but I’m glad now that I did. And thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s the only way I can know that someone out there is listening.


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