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A video of “Why Rivers Run”

“Why Rivers Run” is from the “Green to Gold” album. This is the first video of one of my songs.

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An Ocean In Between – from “Black Moon”

Here’s another instrumental from “Black Moon,” the new album I’m working on. I wrote this tune for my mother about 15 years ago. For any guitarists out there, it’s in an open G tuning: D G D G B D.

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Black Moon

I’m working on a new album. It’s called “Black Moon.” At the bottom of this post, you can download the title track. It’s a guitar instrumental.

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“One Storm Away” – Third Time’s A Charm

It was still really tricky and took quite a while but, this time, I managed to improve the sound quality. So if you downloaded “Out of the Blue” before March 3, 2014, and would like to replace your copy of “One Storm Away” with the improved version, I’ve put a download link at the bottom of this page. The album download itself, on the “Out of the Blue” post, now contains the new version of the song and a new jewel case cover.

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Green to Gold

“Green to Gold” was recorded in 1989, a year after “Out of the Blue,” and most of what I said in the post about the first album applies to the second one as well. This time though, I thought I’d focus more on the songs themselves and the memories connected to them.

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Out of the Blue

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Vintage recording on the brink of extinction saved in the nick of time!  Ok, so I’ve seen one too many old movies. But magnetic tape is not exactly one of the best storage mediums ever invented. And the leader to the now 24 year old master tape was beginning […]

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