Writing and Music by John Kirnan

Mystic Bookshop – 3 AM — from “Black Moon”

Posted by John Kirnan on February 21st, 2015


Inside the shop, it feels quiet, despite the occasional thunder and constant hiss of rain, outside, in the city. Shadow shadows a lone passerby like a mostly metaphysical detective who's there but not seen. Inside, on ladder-like shelves, under covers, book thought softly sleeps, and waits. There is a sense of something on the way, from the other side of normal. The cat's eyes slowly open. The clock strikes three. And then.... Well, I'll leave that up to you and your imagination. The picture is one possibility, among many. For all the possibilities depend on you, as they perhaps always have. Should any more info be required, you'll have to ask the cat.



To download the mp3 file, Mystic Bookshop - 3 AM, right-click on the link and select Save Link As.

To download the "Black Moon" album, visit the Black Moon album page.




Not wanting to steal his thunder, and being quite grateful for the gift of it, I'd like to thank Mike Koenig for the use of his storm, heard at the beginning and end of this piece. And if you hadn't noticed this before, or even if you have, the quite magical mouse will always reveal, when let loose on the posted photograph, the picture taker who took the picture and left the world intact. Here, I must mention too that it was the also quite magical Marian who transformed the already amazing photo into an amazing photo that could be used for this song.

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